Mixing it up

Brace yourself, winter is coming… We all know the phrase and we all know what that means. Spending more time indoors rather than outdoors. I’m trying to ride my bike as long as possible but with ice roads in the forecast it’s better be safe then sorry. So I’m mixing things up. I’m still trying to finish my C25K but at the same time I’m trying to find something low impact. I’ve noticed that running is putting a strain on my joints. Not to heavy but just enough to ease back in a comfortable stride.


I’ve been targeted with the Aaptiv app for quit some time now and recently the adaptive app made it easy to sync with Strava. Strava and Instagram are my main social media apps. I’ve deleted my Facebook account and moved on with the above mentioned apps.
The cool thing about Aaptiv is the instant feedback you get while doing a workout. It’s like having a personal trainer yell at you during a session. It’s something that makes my workout so much more enjoyable! Just running on a treadmill is simply boring. I could just listen to music but I’ve noticed that while doing this I tend to stare at the little green numbers on the treadmill console. It simply becomes tempting to just lower the speed and make it easy for myself. With Aaptiv I keep in a flow. I do what I’m told and that works for me!

Another benefit of the Aaptiv app is all the different workouts you can take. Wether it’s running, stair climbing, cycling… it’s all there. Which brings me to the title of this blog: Mixing things up! To avoid boredom I’m just trying all the tools that I have available and so far I’m liking it!

Update on my weight loss journey

I’m still making progress. I’ve hit a plateau recently and I simply didn’t loose any weight. Kinda frustrating in the beginning but after reading about plateaus I’ve realised these things are common. They will disappear and you’ll be right on track once this happens. No need to worry about.

My weight is down to 90.7 kg. So far I’ve lost 7.3 kg. My short term goal is to get under (and stay under!) 90 kg at the end of 2018. Point 7 kg is doable and a good starting point for 2019. Eventually my ultimate goal is 78 kg… My BMI dropped to 28.31 which is ok. At least I’m not obese anymore 😉

What’s next?

Trying to hit the gym at least 4x a week and hopefully get 1 ride on my road bike a week. Slowly but surely I’m getting there!


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