End of week 2

I actually finished W2D3 of the C25K last Thursday. I’m allowing myself more rest days in between runs. I’m afraid I’ll injure myself (which happened in the past a few times). This time I’m going slow and steady. Losing weight and gaining strength is not a sprint. It’s a long distance run.

So what else happened? Well, my Apple Watch broke. The faceplate came off due to a swollen battery. Apple knows about this problem and extended the warranty with two more years. So three years after the purchase date. I’m one month over… Plus the watch was bought on a business account. The extended warranty didn’t apply to me. Guy at the store was helpful but not the outcome I was hoping for.

I got myself some superglue and glued the thing together. I wonder how long it will last. At least it’s working again. I really missed this piece of technology around my wrist. Should be saving money for a Garmin forerunner 935. But it’s not going to happen soon as I’m eyeing to purchase a road bike!

I’ve been looking online at various road bikes. Just a simple bike to start cycling. I’ve got my eye on a Canyon Endurance 6.0 or a Rose Pro SL. Not sure which one to purchase yet but both companies have a great store in Germany. It’s a two hour drive but worth it. The will do a proper fitting which is a big plus. Once my tax money is my account it’s bike time!

I’ll keep you posted for week three. Should start W3D1 on Sunday.



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