Hi, I'm Richard

This is my personal blog about losing weight and gaining strength. Currently I'm statistically obese (BMI >30.0). I'm about to change this and the purpose of this journal is to document the process. As of this writing I'm already two weeks in. Want to know more: you can do so by reading this page. Maybe this blog will inspire you. Maybe you will find some useful tips or just get motivated by my story. 


Finished W2D1. . . . #C25K #cardio #running #treadmillworkout #treadmill Een bericht gedeeld door Richard L (@becomingabetterself) op 16 Aug 2018 om 3:39 (PDT) This morning I finished W2D1 (Week 2, Day 1). I picked up the C25K (Couch to 5K) routine again after finishing this 10 years ago. Back then the program helped me […]